Walk Off Fat Fast 20 Minute | Fat Burning Workout

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A FAT BURNING workout! All in 20 minutes! You do NOT want to miss this one! This 20 minute workout will bring you to the fat burning pace you need to BURN fat and feel so STRONG!

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bindu abhi

Am postnatal mother 4 months after caeserian. Can I do it

Mania zz

Thank you Leslie i have gained aloot weight in this lockdown nd its helping me loosing weight, its just an amazing thing i found on YouTube...


Ooo wee I remember Leslie Sansone! She is who I thought about when I searched indoor walking, glad I found this channel:) The Fairy Godmother of indoor walking ❤️

Mobile8 Psr

Amazing first day to join thanks

Faith Treble

Yay, that was great!

Mavis Sealy

Just started doing your 20mins walking for 2 days and I enjoy it I was sweating will be doing this every day.

Buttafly 2014

I’m here because either I claim this double chin on my taxes next year or lose it😝

Oyuntsetseg Sodnombaljir

Thank you 🙏

Evelyn Awe

I did it ,,,, no need to go to the gym thank you 🙏

Arrosyi Nilasari

wow.. 80 years old.. shame on me always make excuses for workout

Batul Shaikh

Thank you I started doing this exercise during lockdown and I think this will be effectful for my weight loss Thanks🙃🙂

Michelle Muthu

Thanks so much help to make strength strong active daily life and keep fits body most loss weight 5 kg in 5 months good health and relax mind make calm down thanks you so much .We will wait to watch more and more . Praise Lord Jesus Christ Amen to all our brothers and sisters in Christ 😀😃🤗

Tanishka Jadhav

Very nice video 😎😊😎

Ifrah Jama

Walk walk walk


Thank you since 2003. There's no excuse. Let's walk! ❤❤❤❤

Nord Tech

Amazing so awesome video thanks for sharing new subscriber here sending my full support ,I wait your visit

Waniza Noor

This exercise help me to lose half of my body in 3 months with eating low carbs thankc

Jennifer Chapa

anyone know how many steps and calories this is ?

Komal Parvez

80 yrs old !!!! She looks half her age

adelina galimova

how much calories can this train burn ?

Sidra Batool

love the workout n the lovely ladies out there👍

Donna Jones

A positive out of lockdown? Deciding to exercise. Started with the 20 and 30 minute workouts. Worked up to the 30 and 40 minute ones. Leslie says you only need to do the 40 minute one twice a week. I appreciate that, but no, no, go big or go home is my motto!! 30 and 40 minute workouts 5 times a week. A few months into it and I'm feeling great! Step and tap, stay here if that's what you like? No, no, again go big or go home!! Step, knee! I'll be doing these workouts for a long time!

Júlia Franzen

she is 80? i would guess she is like 65! she looks so good!!!!! all i know is that im gonna keep on walking with Leslie!

Joanne Hackathorn

http://www.ohio.org/blogs/2017/10/a-weekend-retreat-in-mohican-state-park http://www.ohio.org/blogs/2017/10/a-weekend-retreat-in-mohican-state-park Jhhj

Mithu Paul

Amazing exercise

Deine tägliche Überdosis Internet

Why do Americans on sports television always smile as if they were on drugs or maybe just crazy? That's pretty scary!!!! People don't fu***g smile for 21:59 minutes straight.

Big City Commute

Great for gentle, fat-burning exercise! Thank you!

Nina M.

I love your workouts. They make me so happy. :-) Haha

Stanley Fernandes

This is a superb exercise and very lively. Thanks, Leslie. Stanley from India.

Tayyaba Ahmed

best best best😍

Tess Boby

That was amazing!!! Never thought I could complete it... and I'm on the very obese side... I feel so good after doing this ☺ Thank you ❤

Kalomoira Kolaxi

You are better. Thank you

Sam Slack

Does anyone know roughly how many calories aren’t burned by doing this?

Lely Fernandez

First time and love it........ I am 72 yo!!! No problem doing the 20 minutes!!!!

Mel L

There is no way that lady was 80! She looks great!!! When people say I don’t look my age (45), I tell them it’s JESUS and good genes! ☝🏽🤗✝️

dhanasekar muthusamy


Megha Jain

I have lost 10 kg thank you mam for this workout.


Leslie you are amazing!!!! Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration!!!!💓💗💓💗


hello maam im from India... i love all ur super n easy exercise ...i hv reduced 8kilos after following ur videos... really thank u so much... love u maam...

the_irrational _loza

I loved this class❤️ thank you (5)

Piuemal Wickramasinghe


Mridul Singh

Can I do this walk? I have a knee osteoarthritis! Please let me know! Thanks!!

Judy from Israel

Beverly does not look 80

rahayu yayu

Two words for Walk at Home "SIMPLE" & "HAPPY" 😊

Ailm LVR

loool the only muscles they are really working out are their jaws from all those smiles

Sherry Douglas

I absolutely love your walking videos! I have been walking twice a day for the last month and a half and with my diet have lost 17 pounds!!! Big fan!!!

Mary N

Thank you si much. I love Your Workout.

irem yakarışık

69.8 den 65.1 kiloya düştüm 2 haftada 4 kilo 400 gram net kilomdan gitti. Her gün leslie 2 mile walk ve bu videodan yaptım .

يسر رعد علي

I love you Leslie ❤️ I’m doing your workout 😍 big love from Iraq 🇮🇶

Christy Rivas

Where does that music come from, I love the song/beat of the one that comes right after the warm up. Do you have an extended walk video with that same music/song/beat? I love all of the walk videos.

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