Smooth Jazz Chillout Lounge • Smooth Jazz Saxophone Instrumental Music for Relaxing, Dinner, Study

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Smooth Jazz Chillout Lounge from Dr. SaxLove. Relax, enjoy, chill out, be cool...

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🎧 Smooth Jazz Chillout Lounge Playlist 🎧

00:00 Sweetness*
04:57 Summer Dream*
09:53 Just My Imagination
14:52 The Frequency Of Knowing*
20:57 Use Me
25:50 I'll Follow The Sun
29:51 Love Me Do
34:31 Mercy Mercy Me
38:54 I'm Not The Only One
43:13 Lean On Me
47:29 Always*
53:58 Where Is The Love?
58:59 Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing

*composed by Dr. SaxLove


"Smooth jazz is music that evolved from a blend of jazz fusion and easy listening pop music, featuring a polished pop feel with little to no jazz improvisation. The genre arose in the mid-1970s in the United States, but it was not named "smooth jazz" until the 1980s. Traditional jazz players and jazz purists did not embrace the popular style; Jazz Journal's "Sound Investment" column stated in November 1999 that it "would cover an extremely wide spectrum of jazz styles" while avoiding smooth jazz.

The earliest smooth jazz music appearing in the 1970s includes the 1975 album Touch by saxophonist John Klemmer, the song "Breezin'" as performed by guitarist George Benson in 1976, the 1977 instrumental composition "Feels So Good" by flugelhorn player Chuck Mangione, and jazz fusion group Spyro Gyra's instrumental "Morning Dance", released in 1979. Smooth jazz grew in popularity in the 1980s as Anita Baker, Sade, Al Jarreau and Grover Washington released multiple hit songs. The smooth jazz genre began to decline at the end of the 1980s in a backlash exemplified by critical complaints about what many critics saw as the "bland" sound of top-selling saxophonist Kenny G, whose popularity peaked with his 1992 album Breathless." ~Wikipedia


Dr. SaxLove specializes in soft music, smooth jazz, smooth jazz instrumental music, Motown jazz, pop jazz, smooth jazz chillout lounge, romantic jazz, saxofon jazz, and jazz blues. His music is optimized for relaxation, studying, dinner music, sensual moments, and any time chill out saxophone music is desired.

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If anyone's curious, the picture is the Dallas Art's District.


the songs covered on these tracks sound better than the originals....the nay sayers must be part of the ungrateful
left conscuiousness of humanity


Just what the doctor ordered 👌👌

Anne V.

you made jazz so goodbgreat job i can even here it all day greatjob

Lulu Kydryashkuna

J’adore❣️ 🥰

Baja Jako


Malia Williams

In the middle of a pandemic,face mask mandatory in California,black lives matter march,LGBTQ lives matter march, anxiety level high. This music 🎶 brings me back to my zen!!! Thank you.

Malia Williams

who you calling noob

Fireaze TV


Malia Williams

awesome music!


Rear Grove!


Muy Buena Su Musica

Music for all tastes

Very nice!!! I've always loved music! Music can quiet the soul and calm the spirit.

Firman Maulana


sandra thomas

Finished my workout, cool down with this on Saturday morning nice as always thank you

Felicia January

Love this...

Andjar Yudanto

enjoy to hear this smooth jazz during work fr home this day ..:)


I read to this kind of music


Love this we play it when we set out our dinner table outside 💛💛💛🍷🍷

Jesus Enrique Sulca Taipe

Estaba con un poco de sueño, me puse a estudiar, puse ésta música,
me desperté y lo hice con más ganas. La música me envió de paseo a New York, cruzando el puente... Bravoooo 👏🎉🎶

Alphonse Wadley

The song is Magic!

She Mar

I’ve had a particular song in my head for years. I hope it’s on this “jammin” list! Lovin’ this music ❤️


I really like Just My Imagination and Mercy Mercy Me.

Daniel Poole

The 4K dislikes are only people who missed the like button due to the groove

Wang Chi Marcus WONG

and i just subbed ur channel

Wang Chi Marcus WONG

Dude, so chillin' hope y'all do more.

Connor Hugo Fowler

Calms me down in the pandemic

Rajinder Chaudhry

Very sweet. Very relaxing
& very very pep up.
Thanx . Bravo.
(Btw, the pic is equally mesmerising)

Siddhartha Bhakat Arts

Is this music copyright free

Chasisty Haigler

Whether it be studying for nursing exams or just unwinding (rarely) I've definitely found my jazz go to...Thanks _Dr. SaxLove #newsubbie

cecilia rezende

Thats Amazing
Now i am going to relax dr. SaxLove


thank for that music!I would like to visit my channel and give me your opinion..thank you😀


the first beat is soooooo deep !! thanks for sharing !!!

Alton Knight

Thanks 4 the info cuz this scenery fits the smooth jazz sound.

Willie Goodman

Love them all, but the 1st was my favorite.

Isidrosan Morales

Porno music movies,😄

Harrold Macas


Stella Korf

Зашибись раслабончик 👍🙏

Cherry Steinberg

Perfect... thankyou.. helps me think as I”m preparing a presentation..bless the person to put this up

Beautiful Relaxing Music

I love it!💖

Thomas Zahn

Great Channel :-)

Leola Wade

Love this Artist!

nikola sic

This video is sooooooo relaxing.

East coast Love

When you driving from the northern states to beautiful Florida. Palms, beaches & margaritas.😍🌴🍹

Cool Music Tech

Very nice music. Best Wishes to you all Andrew

Mark Kohl

The Good Doctor SaxLove - You Are The Best. I've been subscribing a few years now. The live sets are incredible. A cocktail on the patio, a sunset - Perfection!

Soothing Relaxation BD

Nice Relaxing Music, loved it!! Welcome to return the visit!

curtis pulliam


Sigit Kamseno

09:53 nice music ..the best for me

Heart of Arsene

My favorite playlist to smoke a cigar and play cards! ❤️❤️❤️

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