Cumberland Gap - David Rawlings | Live from Here with Chris Thile

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From our May 5, 2018 show: https://www.livefromhere.org/shows/2018/05/05/courtney-barnett-david-rawlings-neal-brennan

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Стас Свиридонов

Шикарный музон!!! Спасибо Гай Ричи!!!

Sourav Chawla


Osmeida Garcia

The Gentleman de Guy Ritchie me hizo disfrutar de Cumberland Gap que pegajosa me encanta


“If you wish to be king of the jungle, you cannot just act like a king, you have to be the king. There can be no doubt. Because doubt causes chaos and one's own demise. My queen taught me that.”

Peter Kopczyk

The Cumberland Gap Brought Me Here.

brian macdonald

Not even into this type of music but seems to work for me. Thanks The Gentleman.


The Gentlemen brought me here

Jesús Alberto Castro Díaz

The Gentleman de Guy Ritchie Take me here.

Damian Ortiz

This is now one of my favorite songs

Boxer Rider


Tifon UA

це бомба!!!!!!!

shashank rao

this has no much Neil Young Vibes :) he must have enjoyed it as well.

Hieu Khuong

Best of Cumberland gap

Boxer Rider

Теперь у вас фанаты в России))

митя 76


s s

Day 33 of the quarantine.... FUCK YEAH!!!!! MERICA!!!!!!!!

Mult Best

Beauty ?

Mark Hetherington

This is great: Brittany Haas adds something really special to what is already a wonderful sound.

adam Raleigh

Truly they are American Icons! Can never get enough..

the cat what am

Dave and Gill have covered Neil Young tunes before, but with this song their tribute and thanks to the man are clearly seen and heard. Thank you!

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