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Check out the official Greenland Trailer starring Gerard Butler! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: September 25, 2020
Starring: Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin
Directed By: Ric Roman Waugh
Synopsis: A man and his family embark on a dangerous journey as a comet hurtles toward Earth.

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Brandon Vasquez


Fade Player

Anyone know how to watch this for free?

Solidus Mack

Either Hollywood needs to stop making movies like these “Because of law of attraction”
Or the universe gives us “glimpses as to what to come”, through creative ideas since “everything is interconnected”.

By the way, I have no clue what I’m talking about.

Steinar Arason

I was hoping this movie has anything to do with the country Greenland, my neighbor country.

But no.

BLK Panda

en la biblia esta escrito esto lo que viene la caida del meteorito al mar provocara gran tsunami y terremoto mundial la tercera parte de ls aguas se convertiran en sangre buscad a dios ahora mientras pueda ser hallado por que esta muy serca el dia del juicio esta pelicula te lo esta avisando asi sera creelo por que estamos en tempos finales y la venida del senor esta serca y solo agarrados del senor yeshuah el mesias estaremos protegidos lee la biblia y alli encontraras la verdad

Andre Bissonnette

These end of the world movies are all the same... Main guy saves family, millions die, Cgi.. Happy ending

Sudai Tafari

predictive programing

Smokey Rosario

The trailer shows you just about all the action or feeling of suspense. After that, get ready to fall asleep. My rating, from 1-10, I give it a underserving 3.5.

Roberto Ramirez

They are preparing us for something

David Cross

Too bad , for you secular fear mongers, this will NOT ever happen. Cuz, it's mere NASA Science Fiction

Rich Lane

Deep Impact meets 2012....at least they're not drilling like in Armageddon ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

Tryx studios

Says will be released September 25th 2020 in the USA


Yall know how Greenland in Plague Inc. Is invincible?


Nicholas Pesce

The best of the best!

isaac rayburn

These movies are so played out

king darius of persia

this movie sucked


U.S with coronavirus:Panik
Other countries with coronavirus:Calm
News:End of the world in U.S

Antonio Palomba

If we look at 2020 this film is very happy and cheerful.


America awake!!!!!! falls into the atlantic ocean near puerto rico

Brian Pope

where can I watch this online..good copy

Fearless Hero

⏳this movie will come true and time is running out⏳


Basically "cloudy with chances of meatballs" - 2020 version.

John Dillinger

With our luck this will happen in 2020
- zombie apocalypse
- the dead will rise
- the original recordings of breaking bad and The Godfather movies will be lost
- smoky the bear gets shot
- someone eats my left over pastrami from the hat restaurant

Ratimir Dragelj

deep impact+armageddon+2012=this movie


scenariusz jak z zamachu na trumpa ;)?


Also Greenland is not where the bunkers are at. It’s New Zealand! That’s a safe zone!


For those who are still lost! This is the reason why Musk wants to build rockets at an alarming rate. They know something is coming that we don’t.
March 2021 could be the day!

Joanna FTW

Stupid movie

Nadia Merkouris

so this is how its going to end

Kyzen Del Aguia

Does Hollywood realize that’s not how comets work. A comet is made of gas elements and burns up in our atmosphere before it even gets through the stratosphere. This is basic 5th grade science


What if this is the alternate timeline/ending to Armageddon if the nuke didn't work and just made bigger chunks

Pankaj kumar

2020 mein bas ab yhi bcha reh gya hai.


Now this is a perfect movie for Prepping 101

B earth

People are trying to move to Greenland now and it is not easy, can not imagine by end of 2020 and this movie.

Alexander Snider

RIP Tampa

Hans Cholo

like we need this movie in 2020 out of all fricken years

max kuznetsov

This is literally about to happen. Possibly 09/20/20. Except its not really asteroids.

Dayami Santana

Looks terrible but the actor is amazing Gerry


I hope the producers have a plot twist for this film. Many of us can predict the direction of this film because of “Deep Impact” and “2012.”


Pray to lord this never happen
? how many like equals years of safety

Prince Rhys

0:57 that is like yellowstone erruption


Do we REALLY need this movie THIS YEAR? in 2020?!


damn they made a movie for the event next year , so much hype!!!

Funtime Freddy

Bruh I am hella hyped for this new movie


I thought this was an alien movie lol

Gacha life Stories

Lol they actually made Greenland green

Karen Gonzalez

Predictive programming

Ponyo Ghibli

Before the walking dead

Vicky Rodz

They should've name this movie. "Deep Impact 2 aftermath"

Andrea Andrea

"it's always the same story, over and over and over, they make already 20 movies similar at this

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