Juventus 3-0 Sampdoria | Kulusevski Scores on Debut as Juve Open with a Win | Serie A TIM

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Dejan Kulusevski scored on his Juventus debut as his side cruised to a 3-0 win with goals from Leonardo Bonucci and Cristiano Ronaldo | Serie A TIM

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db Official

im from Indonesia


#حنكش يكشف ويعري #سيف_زاهر انت بتطبل ليه لنادي الزمالك

Sultan Sultan

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FTHtM9eYkUg Whistel Cover Emotions Mariah Carey By Sultan

Charles Keller


Anu Lucky

Ronaldo jaja

Karanlık Ötesi Komedi


ks 99

Bad game for our dad...he could easily score a hat trick

Wolf Gamer

World has corona virus and play a football

Mohammad Fasha

R2 kotak

Gaming experience

Fak you Ronaldo #mussi love

Norman Bates

Danilo é uma ruindade

Анатолий Свитловский

Сколько осталось тебе чтобы стать миллионером?
Игнор: вечность
Лайк: 10 лет
Подписка: год

StrongPapa Gaming


Запайрат Салмандибирова

Я один да тут дагестанец

tuga fr

C R 7 = T H E G. O. A. T

Rizky Alfarid

Trandig 1 indonesia...

Raj akter

Who love Ronaldo like here and

Nira Maku


Varinder Bhatia


John Cena

cristiano ronaldo jr playing fortnite - https://youtu.be/WN_6mXPsDNM

musical ruchi

Juventus on fire

Helos Putra


Impanga tv

Wow Ronaldo Am you crush

alon zuaretz

CR7 imposter


Ronaldo could have scored 3 goals only today he was not fine. Hopefully for the following dates if it is so that it can be the scorer of this season.

Hery Anwari


Zaza Kuratashvili

actually I am gonna say this time not Ronaldooo, but Pirlooo, so many changes, the system changes, aaron ramsay playing perfectly, first goal the top quality and athe end difficult but for the ronaldo goal. This is what was missing from Champion JUVE

Helen George

I do not owe anybody anymore with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

PamPam Pam

Minta tolong dukungan untuk 'benni eduward' bagi yg belum tau tolong ketik nama beliau, dan lihat seperti apa kasusnya.

Caem Cantiq

Trending 1 indonesia!

La vie incroyable des animaux


Nathen Dereje

Took awhile to find the comment section, now I forgot what I wanted to write.

Ujjwal Srivastava

I love ronaldo but I hate real Madrid because I started watching football from 2018 when he arrived


يارب ابعد مرض السرطان عن كل واحد شاف التعليك ومستخصرش ليك واشتراك⁦❤️⁩?



jafar Sy


Aymen Djarallah

اللي جاي هنايا باش يشوف أويحيى يخبط جام?!

Anthony Okeiyi

Ronaldo, spectacular.

ابو سهيل الكثيري

رونالدو ??

Itshenry 2006

Why is there only CR7 simps around here, I was expecting pirlo to be the talking point, cr7 didn’t even score a beautiful goal

Ege Yaz

Juventus Champions


Кому интересно посмотреть моё новое творчество,заходи на канал(уверен тебе понравиться)


Most creativity I’ve seen from Juve since Pogba left


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First game and I already see a more cohesive team. I am a huge Ronaldo fan and have been following him since his days at Sporting. Watched him in M. U. Watched him at RM and watched a few games of Juventus, but could not stand the boring, all defense game... I think i will watch more Juventus matches this season. This looks promising...



Raja Sayang Kiddos

Brabo ronaldo??

Get This Channel to 1.1k Subs

I swear whenevr i hear Ronaldoooo i hear Agueroooo in the background does that happen to anyone else

Adi Prasetyo


MPS Pxxsword

1 Like= one ronaldo goal

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