NOMADLAND Teaser Trailer (2020) Frances McDormand Movie

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NOMADLAND Teaser Trailer (2020) Frances McDormand Movie

PLOT: Follows a woman in her sixties who, after losing everything in the Great Recession, embarks on a journey through the American West, living as a van-dwelling modern-day nomad. #Nomadland

CAST: Frances McDormand, David Strathairn, Bob Wells

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How does this improve our motivation ?

Håkan Lööw

It dosen't have to be more complicated than this, to embrace the heart.
So simple, but yet so touching.

Grammy Tap Dancing by Sharamay Ritter

I still miss your mom & dad Frances. Their smiling down on you. To think my son was only 6 months old when tbey came to our church. My son now 37 we still talk of them . They were like his grandfather & grandmother xo

Sophie Sadeghi

Frances McDormand ??? she’s a weirdo?. There’s a time that Hollywood actresses should be beautiful, young ,tall and smart ‼️ how did McDormand get here❓❓ You don’t wanna watch her ?????

Nanda Kumar bn

The golden lion is here....

Steve Allison

2008 was the "teaser" for what happens when we base our entire economy on the accumulation of wealth for the investor class. Obama and Biden did very little to reform this fundamental fault in our societal structure. They tried to put band aids on what is essentially a sucking chest wound. Trump and his allies are violently ripping off the band aids and administering massive electric shocks to the dying patient because it makes it seize. If it is jerking it must be getting better right?

fire ice


Tom Paratube

How the f*@#* is this a trailer? What a stupid waste of my time! You've just lost an audience!



John Law

looks boring


Spoiler alert: She’s on her way to meet Alexander Supertramp.

Snodge Kat

This film just took the top prize at the Venice Film Festival!

Entertainment Professional

Great work


That's a beautiful shot and it sets up so mush suspension

living my dreams

I can look out my front window now here on the Oregon coast and see at least 25 people doing this every day in this small town. And this is just one town of 9,000 people. And 15 years ago there were no one doing this in this particular town I live. Now I see 25 people a day doing this and the truth is, most of them are over 40 years old.

Clark Gerdes

This movie based on the future of America if joe biden wins?


Just won the Golden Lion at Venice--not that I wasn't excited to see it enough already.

Edd Sou

Best... Trailer... EVAAAAAAaaaAaahhhh!!!

Max Sun

Still remember that day we shot this scene. Love you Fran.

juan lopez duenas

win best picture Venecia festival

miss felicya

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A lot of people are trashing this trailer but I'm actually intrigued by it. People nowadays need an explanation for everything immediately. For me, I want to know who she is, where she is, why she's there, and where she's going. I genuinely want to know more. I'm hooked.


Looks boring.


This looks shite.

Clio Alexandra

honestly, the gentle, calming nature of this trailer really caught my attention. I've never even heard of this movie or the book it is loosely based on but I'm really excited to see it!

Brenda Platt

Fargo is still my most fav movie of hers even though she had only about 20 or so minutes of screen time. Oscar winner too!

Karol B.

After amazing „The Rider” cannot wait to see this; Zhao is clearly in her element.

Angelothetankengine 17

Oh yes because just walking will make us want to see this movie ?

David Cahill

Made by the same director of Eternals for Marvel.

Joe Smith

Groundbreaking...... Someone walking


I love the "ONLY IN THEATERS" at the end. I sure do fucking hope so cause this seems like a film that's gonna break me and I love films that can pull that off. It looks amazing just from that little scene alone. Take my Covid free money now.

Asfan Muffakham

Disiz,insein meynnn...(O_o
Meid a treillla by juz wokin rounnn... O_O)...
datz unbivebul meynnn...=_=)

mariusz nowak

Man gripping trailer I’m on edge☹️


All i see is Biden's America in this trailer.


Wow, now that's how you sell a movie during a pandemic.

Raff Serrano

Loved her acting in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri.

Rueben Vasquez


Neve Hendrix

Woow woow ?? ??❤️

Wild Rover

Why bother showing it if you're just gonna tease? What're you? A stripper, Joe?? You ain't gettin' MY dollar, bucky...

Lina Kelley

Awesome ?? ??♥️❤️

Caramel Queen

Brilliant trailer... I liked the part when she was walking.


I would like this more if Frances McDormand wasn't batshit irl

Geoffrey Lane

They made this movie way before covid 19 but you can see in this movie the effects of a economic collapse on the United states and possibly the world very crazy.

Julio Gulio

this trailer is so moving. so much to take in. really inspiring and i cant wait to watch, been waiting years for a 3 billboards sequel.


Best Picture, especially as it reflects the times we're in now.

Noah Dinardo


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