How to Make Animations Bounce (Spring Animations) (iOS, Xcode 8, Swift 3)

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In this video you will be working with CGAffineTransform again combined with spring animations (springWithDamping) to create cool looking animations in iOS using Xcode and Swift.

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Nilesh Darji

Nice video Mark. I have been following all your animation videos. Is it possible to animate an image that is inside a slide of horizontal scrollview with paging enabled? The imageView in this case is accessed from an XIB file. I used the alpha property on the UIScrollview when view loads but that only animated the first slide but not the remaining. Any tips???

Vu Nam

This is really easy to understand and so informative 😄 I learned a lot. Thank you, sir. Please keep up the good work! Definitely will share this channel to my fellow developers!!

James Allan

Apple has some strange methods

Krishna Yadav

Where do we find the source code? I think, only source code is missing in your tutorials If you'll provide the source code then it will be best tutorials on the youtube... Hope I'll be able to get source code too from your tutorials. Thanks


👏👏👏👏... Yet again, another video of yours has come in EXACTLY at the right time to provide a solution for what I needed right now for what I am doing.... you are the greatest!!! The fact that people like you exist in this world make me doubt my firmly held pessimistic prognosis for the future of humanity.... I thank you profusely !!!🙏

Lakshay Chhabra

Nice Video, Had fun pressing sync button constantly.


Просто охуенные уроки !!!!!!!!!!! Спасибо братан !!!!!!

Kaustubh Pandey

Well MARK, you are really a great teacher. I love the way you emphasise the vital concepts using images in the videos and warn us regarding the potential loopholes. Love you man!😃

Gleb Cherkashyn

I like that you make mistakes and then fix them, that is really helpful! thanks for another great tutorial =)

Cesare de Cal

Can you post the source code next time?

Manee Osman

That what i call it, a tut's with valued tips, thank you.

Jack Wu

how is your background image make in this video?

Chad Karma-Deli

you're a great teacher! thank you!

Nordin Bouchtaoui

Man, if I could give you 100 thumbs at once I would do that. You can explain very very very well and so clear. I hope you keep continue to make more videos. I'm willing to donate for your effort, cause everything makes sense when you explain.

Steven Suranie

Great tutorial. Nothing made me feel better though than seeing someone else do the Outlet connection mess up at the beginning, which I do on every single button I add as well. :D I'm a converted designer to developer and so I always feel like I am the dumbest guy in the room. Still am, but at least the smart guys also make the same mistakes I do. Cheers!

Mark Perryman

Mark great video. Is there a way to have this animation apply to all active buttons on a screen. So when playing my game if user completes level then back on main screen level one and two would be available I would like the animation to apply to level two button as well. Any help would be great. Swift newbie.

Scott Brady

Could you use the same for a UILabel, except make it a subclass of UILabel instead of UIButton?

hoang linh

Thank you very much for this video, Excellent video.

Be Villager

Hi Mark ! great tutorial (as usual). I have created a view controlled and applied the animation present modally overcurrent content from the storyboard , i saw that in a previous video. Do you know if its possible to apply this cool animation without rewriting the code and keep the view controller. Merci ! (greetings from France )

Arun S

Hi, Mark this tutorials is too good, you really kept it simple and understandable. Just on doubt does this animation work for objects with auto layout ?


Can you show us how to add this popup view like a xib file to use it instead of stock alert ? and of course maintaining the cool animation.
Much thanks mate


Your UIs are so pretty! It's like you're a graphic designer too. My UIs look so boring.

Phạm Trung Đức

i really love you, MARK! Thanks alot...

Josef Pepa

Really nice tutorial, well prepared. Thanks for the effort.


I really like your videos , I learned a lot from you and I had done cool animations

I wish to see animation using "CATransform3D"

I can't find any good tutorial about it

It will be awesome if we some tutorials from you =)

we had learned the basic of 2d animation , it's time for 3d animation =)

Thank you


Great tutorial, Mark! Just one suggestion from my side - maybe you could share each project in the description of the video. It's always helpful when people could download the entire final project. Maybe using Github? 😊 Thank you for the tutorials! They're super helpful!

Tashi Nyima

Great Tuturial :)

Gaurav Rathi

Great one. Please put some more cool animations!!!

Yogesh Jaiswal

What is the use of CGAfineTransform(a: b: c: d: tx: ty: )

Developer iOS

Mark 1 - CGPoint 0 :)
nice vid

Simran Aurora

your explanation is just awesome..man Could you also make a full tutorial on how to build app using Firebase ?

Hüseyin SAYGI

you are my hero!

Bagu Wayne

great videos! i was hoping you could make a video about Radio Button and hiding certain information when a button is pressed and then revealing information as a button is pressed again. keep up the good work!

James Line

Great videos.

john kul

Mark...you are great !I appreciate...thx a lot!

Ketan Sutariya

always u are best bro

Mohammad Tahir

You always Great!!! Thanks

Waleed Al-Yazidy

Amazing as usual! Thank you

toy Hamthanon

Great explaining on all your videos. You made them so simple . Thanks you

jian su

another great video, thank you Mark!