Animations in SwiftUI - How To Animate in SwiftUI ( Xcode 11 2019 )

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Animate Views in SwiftUI with only a few lines of code. Animating in Swift 5 & Swift UI is actually really simple but it can also be very confusing.
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Well done. It would personally be nice to explain every step of the code but then again.. I can also search for it myself :)


Life saver! Thank you so much.

Murat Han Acıpayam

Clear explanations thanks.

Karl Jay

Is there a reason you're not using preview? I just started with SwiftUI and the preview is pretty amazing. I assume preview was an option when you were making this.

Abed Qader

Sooo Good

Ali Mohamed

Dear friend, i need to know how to make Xcode accept more than 10 toggles per page, as when i want to add more than 10 toggle it won't allow? i need also to know how to make toggle label clickable and shows a pop up window to write inside it, is that possible ?

Dale Stewart

I like your enthusiasm regarding SwiftUI and coding. You can count me in!

Sriram Boppana

How to save data in swift Ui


I like your desire to create a community around Swift coding. I'm all in.

Andres Made

Nice tutorial. Thank you


👏👏How to add constraints in SwiftUI ?

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