Power Book 2 Ghost ‘DEATH PREDICTIONS’ & Update On Episode 6!!

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Power Book 2 Ghost Episode 6 will be with us on December 6th which will be titled 'Good vs Evil' but in this video I discuss all things in regards to death predictions! I talk about Cooper Saxe's storyline with Tamieka and Agent Blanca and could they be on Saxe's hit list? I also talk about Riley Merchant who was sent by Cooper Saxe to get information from Tariq but will that end in her death from either Brayden or Tariq? And what will happen to Brayden's brother Trace Weston after he stole a stash of pills from Brayden and Tariq's room in Stansfield? I also talk about the brotherly killing theme for Book 2 and whether we could see Brayden kill his brother and Cane kill his brother in Dru just like the story from the bible with Cain and Abel. Finally I talk about Jabari potentially hurting Zeke and Monet retaliating by killing Jabari as well as Tasha's predicted death from Tommy.

Tommy's Return Discussed: https://youtu.be/V0lUt5vkIgA
Brayden's First Kill Discussed: https://youtu.be/Iva1NJY3LZA

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