Billy Ocean - Love Zone (Official Video)

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Don't you believe that I want you?
I need you here in my arms.
Although you won't have to worry

I'll spend each day in your charms.
I wanna kiss you all over

Running my hands through your hair

I know a place where love is

I'll keep you warm
Night and day.
In the love zone - you don't have to be alone

Together we can live and learn - in the love zone.

Come rest your head on my shoulder

And we'll count the stars in the night

I wanna feel you beside me
Just holding you tight.
I wanna give you little tenderness

Letting you know that you're loved

I wanna hold you close to me to keep you warm night and day.
In the love zone - you don't have to be alone

Together we can live and learn - in the love zone.

Oh baby
Don't you know

I do the best I can to be good for you.
But when love's a guarantee there is no mystery

You'll never be a stranger out there on your own -
In the love zone.

Your love made the difference in my life

You'll never be alone.
Love zone - you don't have to be alone

Together we can live and learn - in the love zone.
Love zone - I keep your warm - love zone - night and day -
Love zone - come rest your head on my shoulder - love zone -
We can count the stars every night - live and learn.

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Jacqueline Bellis

He a good singer x

Trinette Williams

2020 still here

Kashimana Tyovenda


Phillis Mitchell

Loove this cut. Billy has that soul soothing voice. Aah.💛🦋🌹

Gdian Anders

Billy love zone 2020, gimme 500 hits happy people

monty royal

feel good music!

Martin Wakibe

80s was the golden era of soul.


I can't get enough of this track, everything about is just super perfect. I thank God for the sense of hearing among other blessings. Job well done Billy and your team 👋👋👋

Ksusha Luklike

Classics is timeless!!


That BASS!!!!🔥🔥🔥

Ahmad Abuwasel

Come rest your head on my shoulder... and we’ll count the stars in the night..... dreamy love of devotion...... love never dies 🌹❤️ thank you Billy for educating us how love can or should be.

Shannone Pettie

Great artist...really loved his style.


Such a manly man

Osifo Paul

Who is still listening, 2020👨‍❤️‍👨

Michelle Smith

Love Zone 2020- WHEW!!!

Jackie Murphy

Billy Ocean is a fantastic artist. Wonderful singer ❤️ his song's. 👏🍀

Ma de Jesús Gomez


peachie stars

Beautiful vocals !!! I watched a recent vid of him singing & was blown away at his amazing voice. He still got it after all these years. Better than Kanye. Like George Michael. Even as they age the voice never change. Such a great gift.


lol 4:20

Cleon Joseph

Would be cool if Usher did a cover of this song

Cher Woods

So Love this song ✔️💯🙏🏿

FreSh 6473

Flawless melody.


1.2k people never knew a proper love song.

Amythest Rawls

I’m in the Love Zone in 2020

Eddie Toruno


Joe Asewe

Billy Ocean's my all time favourite! Just loving the 80's, bringing back the emotions and soft side in me taken away by millennial trap and crank!!!

Mogu Mogu

This song is just perfection....absolute perfection.Nothing comes close to this...

Donita Hayes

In the Love Zone 🙂🥰❤❤❤ yessss.. I have listened to this song 6 times in a row and still repeating.

Erica McPherson

My fist born was conceive oh I love this song

Slayer Vendextta

3:22 i saw that saliva flying to the right of the screen.


Love this song

oris black

Ray Dawn Chong looks great in this video

Verona Mohammed

My legend you hmmm your voice one in a million forever always


You feel this shit! This is the difference in music then and today! You feel zero music today. Trash

Julia Wood

LOL he made that song for me, I'll just keep dreaming.


So good it hurts...


Beautiful laid back chill song from my childhood in the 80s. This song is so breezy


Awesome, brilliant song as I close my eyes song takes me to a safe and secure place of unconditional love "zone". Thanks for posting this

Nathalie Zych


Mesha Sanders

This song is absolutely without doubt BEAUTIFUL💜💜💜💜💜

Janice Guthrie

Still loving me some Billy Ocean in May, 2020

John Smith

Billy and the late great Gavin Christopher are my favorite in the mid 80s!

John Smith

Mega groove! I love the strat during this time and of course Billy's beautiful voice! ☺☝👏

Fher Gmz


Ty Law

Great music going to always do these things , make u want to dance , snap ur fingers, laugh, smile , cry, close ur eyes and reminisce, think about when and where u was when u first heard the song !

Listen Carefully

Mannnnnnn these songs go unplayed and why?

Willie Jenkins


Terrance Thomas

Who wants a lifetime membership?

Listen Carefully

Took me back to my childhood 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Robert Karanja

Tight, very tight!

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