Love & Blues | Rock Music 2019 HiFi (4K)

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Blues Music | Love & Blues | Rock Music 2019 HiFi (4K)
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Thank You for watching it!

Jamila Jula

🌀🌬️Just Like the first time...
🌋This is Awesome...💫💙💞
💢Loving You and your Blues..
My Love...Hellmaker..💗💕...
🌈🌠Vida!!! 🌬️💋Julia 👑🇨🇦

Jojo Mercer

This made me cry so bad i needed this release

Duy Ngoc

Perfect selection. Five stars !

Jamila Jula

🇨🇦On my 19th Month as your subscriber...and with 127subs to Me and counting..with 188 hearts recieved from you..💙
I would say to you..It's been Awesome!!! AMAZING!!! and True!!☀️☀️☀️
❄️⚡Julia 💋

Jamila Jula

This is the very first fabulous Volume selection..I recieved from You...and it is Awesome!!
I loved everything!!..💋💙🔥💙
❄️Julia ★♚★♛★♡


I am sorry
Maybe who will tell... what kind artist of performer on 17 the song Gloria Gainor..I LOVE YOU BEBY..?


прошу прощения
может кто подскажет...что за исполнитель на 17 мнуте спел песню глории гейнор .. i love you beby..'?

с ув

Ed Gravity

im just researching...dont mind me nice thumb tho whos that asked by my friend

Jamila Jula

💓On my 18th month as your subscriber..with 115 Subs to me...It is Still Awesome!!!💥💥
Thank you!!..It's an Amazing feel Hellmaker!! Loving You is the Best thing...Vida!!!..☆♚★

Sergey Detkovskiy

Muchas gracias

Денежный поток Cashflow

Приветствую давно слушаю Ваш канал очень нравиться! Хочу тоже свой музыкальный канал открыть но вопрос как быть с лицензией? Что бы Yotube не за банил меня! Как вы решили этот вопрос? С уважением!
Greetings, I listen to Your channel very much! I also want to open my own music channel, but the question is what to do with the license? What would Yotube not ban me! How did you solve this issue? With respect!

paintme happy


Anas Gunarto

Who is the lady on the cover?

Jamila Jula

🎀Starting on My 17th month as your subscriber!
With 92 subs. to Me..Ⓜ💎
I am Still going Steady...💍
Loving You..and your Blues!

Jamila Jula

First Post..as your subscriber..MJ..🎀🎋🎋
🎏IM on my 16th month and that includes my former acct. ❤❤❤...with 81subscribers..and still goin Steady... with you and your Blues..💙💙💙
Thank you so much for taking care of me in here as your subscriber..
More Power Hellmaker!!!
My 💖...Vida!!..Ⓜ💒💍

Hery DePauxis

YouTube is dead and now are killing Spotify!

Hery DePauxis

I tried to listen to the songs from here but here in the north Brazil played a song and came an advertising of 5 minutes! All the time. I couldn't stand it. I had to go get my stereo and put it in the garage to listen to my MP3 CDs in peace.

William José Casemiro Casemiro

Beautiful Wonderful Songs

Валерий Каргин

Очень теплые и нежные композиции, приятно слушать чистое звучание. согревает душу в наши холодные дальневосточные зимние вечера! Большое спасибо !!!

super duke

Goede keuze , goede kwaliteit , kijk uit naar meeeeeer!

Stylianos Bekidis

Amazing songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamila Jula

💒Hellmaker...just like the First time...Loving all the songs...💌...

Jamila Jula

Thank you so much..💐💐
More Power Hellmaker🌟

Kai Hodam


Jamila Jula

Ⓜ Awesome video🌠
🏮" Hot Babe!!"...smokin!
LOved all the songs!!🔥🔥
🔥"quippi tua"..really..yours!

Jamila Jula

My very First Post as your subscriber...💙💙💙...
Hellmaker..im on my 14th month now...in here..Ⓜ
Thank you for everything!!
More Power!!..🌠🌠🌠

Замир Газалиев


Pablo osvaldo Penizzotto

Amazing music! Thank you!

rtna 2557

great job


Incrível sons !!!

Alfred Spice

This is not Bruce Springsteen :'(

Alasa Aremi

If only I could listen together with my true love with passion....

Alasa Aremi

Who still listen to the best song ever.

Валерий Валерий


ET Himself

This is sooo cool, great mix


SKVĚLÉ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

djz karim


Atty Cotler

Who's perfoming She Believes In Me? Great cover!

Pedro Manoel


Ilya Kosovich

Твои оранжеровки просто восхитительные все композиции получают новое звучание и это просто завораживает. Такие произведения можно слушать без конца .Спасибо большое за твой талант. Больих тебе успехов !



Gotzon Legorburu Marcos

All rights for me Please...

taweechai gunsue

love this so much ... so coollll.....thank you


Sweet and Lovely ~~~~~GOOD !

Antonio Sánchez

Streets Of Philadelphia · The Rumbles, Album : All American Rock (2009)



игорь шлыков

ууууууууууу огонь!!!

toutou hamdani

تلهمني أثناء الكتابة رااائعة

Juceni Rocha


Svenskt Patriotiska Kött

wow... Greetings from Armenia! EU

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