Gaelle - Give It Back (eric's wollman dub)

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Deep Chilled House from 2004. This is the full version not the 3 minute 1 doing the rounds ripped from a M.O.S. CD. Many Thanks to my pal Mark Aaron for a copy in the first place.



alberto passalacqua



This remix adds another dimension to the original
Thanks for this awesome job


Used to ride my bike around the city with this song in my headphones. Free track on iTunes rip iTunes

Sophia Katsatos

Love this!!! Great song...dancing non stop!!!

d g

Love this track, but hard to find...

Aluisio Fernandes da Silva Junior

Beautiful track! It is very good to come back here to listen this same track after many years!

Ben Donaghey

This is no joke, i think i have about 20,000 of the view counts myself. Still isn't played out! 100% my favorite tune of all time.

Buster Casey

forget the rest

Aleksandar Loncarevic

Simply amazing!

Gusein G

Eric Stamile at it's best!

Larry Gabriel Jr

Love it!

Светослав Фанев

beatifull track :) favorite

Minus m

totally one of the best track remixes i've ever heard in my life...!!!!! ;) thnks for upload..


love it!!!

Darrin C

by far the best remix of Give It Back. Thanks for uploading it!

Yiannis Stab