Amy & Travis *No Audience Noise* - Wicked Game (SYTYCD Top 8)

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Performed by: Amy Yakima and Travis Wall
Choreography: Travis Wall
Song: Wicked Game (performed by James Vincent McMorrow; written by Chris Isaak)
Episode: So You Think You Can Dance S10E15 (broadcast on 20 August 2013)

I absolutely loved this performance but hated the extremely distracting audience cheers throughout. (This is not a live sporting event!) So I decided to make a video without the screaming. The original audio of this song can be purchased on iTunes and I encourage you to get it as the vocals are haunting. You can purchase it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/wicked-game-live-at-killkenny/id502241230?i=502241234

ETA: I made a similar version of this for the finale performance too: http://youtu.be/HeLJZ4s8ga0

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